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The last trip, and Douglas Pass

We drove from Grand Junction to Dinosaur yesterday.  It was a fairly uneventful drive, except that the road wasn’t the best. Fairly narrow 2 lane roads, but passable.  We just kept our speed low, no problem since there was no traffic anyway.

Highway 149 North, with Douglas pass in the distance

There were some 14 miles of Douglas Pass to conquer.  This was narrow road, in places with a drop off on the side.  No shoulders, very tight turns (I mean tight switchbacks) but again, taking it slow it really wasn’t a problem.

The top of Douglas Pass

After Douglass Pass it was a relatively easy drive into Jensen, and then to the Visitor Center at Dinosaur National Monument.  We made it!  (This is a temporary visitor center while the new one is being built).  This is where we will be working as volunteers for 2 months.  We have a very nice RV site next to the Green River, more about that in a future post.

Arrival. Tacky, yet homey.

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