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Spring time travel in the rockies

So we’re parked in Colorado Springs, in a park close to downtown.  It has a great view, because we are parked on a hill.  Flip side, we were quite bothered by the winds we had, which were up to 45 MPH.

Looking up from the RV Park entryway. That's us sort of on the left.

The day we were scheduled to leave for Utah had some disturbing weather forecasts.  In the afternoon, winds of 75MPH were predicted.  75MPH!  So we decided to beat the strongest winds and head to Gypsum, Co where we had reservations.  Well, we made it safely, but winds were enough to make driving more stressful.

We arrived at our campsite, parked next to the Eagle river.  What we didn’t realize is that this is a valley that funnels winds right where we are parked.  We pulled in some slides and hunkered down and went to bed.  Winds were predicted to die down by midnight.

Looking down in the valley. Feel the wind? No? But we sure did....

Walking up the morning provided another surprise, I guess typical for spring time travel in the Rockies.  Guess what it was?  Here’s a clue:

You guessed it, snow!

This morning it is supposed to “warm up” to 40F.  If so, and the roads are clear, we’ll move down to Grand Junction where the weather is slightly better but at least we have access to stores and shopping.  Stay tuned…..

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  1. April 29, 2010 at 7:36 pm

    We are heading to Monument just north of Colorado Springs…have to be there next Thursday. We’re sitting the weather out in Green River, UT at the KOA. Deb & Rod Kendall are here, too, trying to get out to SLC as well.


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