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Moved to Hickory Creek, TX

Our time was up at the Lewisville campground, so we moved to Hickory Creek.  This is an Corps of Engineers park, so it’s cheap for us seniors ($9 a night).  There is no on site sewer, and only 30A power, but at $9 a night, who cares?  And the locations is great, just 5 miles north of Lewisville.  We’ll be here until next Sunday, when we begin our summer trip.

Beside our motor home

Our chairs looking over the lake, on the right side of our motor home

A view along the front of our coach

And, the same view from the back

And a view in the other direction, looking east

Uh oh....

Reason for uh oh…  the one negative about this place is that it is right under one of the landing patterns for DFW airport.  So, we’ll have to contend with the noise but it isn’t too bad.

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