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A day in the (Texas) country

We took a day trip with some fellow travelers to the Texas Country side.  Although we only met Jack and Sylvia Napoles a month or so ago, we have traveled similar paths.  Not only do we come from the same DFW area, but last year we traveled almost the same routes, although we didn’t even know it.   All up and down the West coast.  Too bad we didn’t know it because we really enjoy their company.  Even when we went to the Marcus playoff game in Cowboy Stadium, they were there.  On the opposite side, but still there.  One of the pleasure of our mobile lifestyle is making new friends,  I’m sure we will travel together again in the future.

We started out trip to Brenham, where we toured the Blue Bell ice cream factory.  Sure, the tour was interesting, but the ice cream sample was great!  No picture allowed inside, so only exterior shots.  Forgot my camera, thanks for the great pictures Sylvia!

Then we went on  to a miniature horse farm.  Saw these cute mini horses, including a week old baby.  The horse were kind of fuzzy because they had their winter coats on, but they are in all respects a horse, just smaller.  There are national events for show, riding, harness racing, and more.  No milking contests, though.

The original Blue Bell refrigerated delivery truck

The original Blue Bell refrigerated delivery truck

We felt real bad (hah!) for those in the NorthEast since they had snow and more snow.  And we could walk around with our jackets off.  Now I know why we moved into a motor home!


Trying to get some fresh milk. Alas, no luck.

Just had to try my hand at getting fresh cream. Don’t know how those farmers do it. Cold on the hands, so I guess that is where the ice cream comes from.

Grazing in the corral

Full size mini horse

Small, about 36″ tall but in all respects a horse.  We understand that these also make great service animals, and have the benefit of a much longer life than dogs so they are companions for a longer time.

Five day old baby horse, getting a drink

The baby horse had more luck getting milk than I did at Blue Bell. The mother isn’t too sure about us though, maybe she was worried we’d use cold hands to get at her milk.  Looks like she’s giving us the evil eye….

For comparison, Romola with full size horse

It was a great day.  We capped it off with home made spaghetti, some fine wine, and some delicious desert Sylvia made.

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  1. cathy
    March 6, 2010 at 3:41 am

    ineresting..wherabout on the map is this?


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