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Padre Island National Seashore

When it came time to star heading back “up north” we decided to stop for a few nights at a campsite at Padre Island National Seashore.  This is a 70 mile strip of beach (actually listed as a Texas highway) made famous by spring break antics.  It certainly was cheap enough; $4 a night senior rate.  This was for a camp site, no hookups, so we were on our own.  No problem!

We really enjoyed our short stay.  The sound of surf was relaxing, the scenery great, and teh weather cooperated.  Some pictures below.  We were invited to a fish fry Sunday afternoon.  About 5 or 6 of the local campers went out and caught a bunch of fish, which were fried up in a light coating of cornmeal.  About 60 or 70 people were there, and since it was a potluck, lots of side dishes.  The fish was about as good a fried fish as I’ve ever had.


A view from inside the coach, out the windshield.


Early morning view as the sun rises over the Gulf of Mexico

Early morning walk on the walkway

Sunrise, viewed from the pier from the campground to the beach

Palapas in the sunrise

Palapas in the early sun

Seagull with catch

The early bird gets the worm (fish, actually)

Now we’ve camped on the shores of the Atlantic, Pacific and the Gulf of Mexico.  Doubt if we will add any more!

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