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My Mexican dentist adventure

About a year ago, I broke a tooth (bicuspid) that needed emergency repair.  Had a crown put on in San Diego ($1,050), but it never fit right,  Needed two more dentist visits to try to fix the height, as constant pressure eventually inflamed and infected the root.  So, since we’re close to Mexico, I decided to have my tooth repaired in Progresso.  There are hundreds of dentists here, I used one that was recommended by multiple people (Dr. Carreon).

Now I’m not much of a fan of Mexico border shopping.   Check out the main shopping district:

Looking down Main Street

You can shop for dentists or boots with only a few paces from each other.

Boots?  Drugs?  Dentist?  Your pleasure

As far as drugs go, your choice as well….

drubgs on the border

Whatever your (drug) heart desires....

This is the office of Dr. Carreon, where I had my work done

Dr. Corean office

The "medical plaza" where my dentist is

Dr. Carreon and his staff are English speaking, and in the case of the dentists, US trained.  The equipment was modern and efficient, but the office has no wasted space.  There are 5 dentists on staff, including a periodontist, who did my actual root canal.  There is a gazebo in the courtyard, with benches for those who wish to wait outside.  More importantly, there is a margarita vendor in the courtyard as well, so you can numb any residual pain you may have.

So once I arrived they interviewed me, then took an X Ray, and determined that I needed a root canal and new crown.  I was moved to the periodontist chair, who did a thorough job of removing the old crown and performing the root canal itself.  Then, Dr. Carreon came back and prepped the tooth for the crown. The necessary imprints were done and I was sent home, along with some prescriptions (filled in Mexico) for infection and pain.  Two days later I was fitted with my new crown, and I must say it fits very well.

The smiling "crown fitters"

The two technicians who installed and adjusted the crown

Now, one day later, I am satisfied with the work done.  I have had very little pain, the fit seems excellent, so we’ll see.  Oh yes, the cost: $560 for the entire procedure.  Near as I can tell, stateside this would have cost somewhere around $2,500.  Worth my while, since we are wintering close to Mexico, and we have to stretch our Social Security income as much as we can!

One thing I haven’t figure out.  The US border has agents that check people coming in, but not out.  The Mexican border has armed (to the teeth!) army personnel to keep people in, not out.  They have mobile machine guns, riot equipped patrols, and camouflaged guards at the exits.  They all point their weapons back into Mexico…… Seems like they are trying to avoid a large scale exodus…

Armed patrol at Mexican border crossing

Armed patrol at Mexican border crossing

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