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Lake Medina Thousand Trails

Well, we made it to Lake Medina, about 20 miles west of San Antonio.  However, the drought has still affected the local lakes, check out the picture of Lake Medina:

Lake Medina

A view of Lake Medina...

The water is way, way down,  I would estimated that it is some 40 feet below normal levels.  Check out this shot, showing a floating dock with walkway:

Low water lake

Another view of the drought stricken lake

However, one thing that continues to thrive here is the local deer population.  They are all over the place, and relatively tame.  They will come close to you but not enough to give you any concerns for safety (of you or the deer).  They are curious, and will look you straight in the eye:

Oh deer

One of the many, many deer that live here

One nice thing, when we arrived a local RV service company (Class A RV Repairs) was giving away free BBQ dinners.  At first, we decided not to go, but we changed our minds and were glad we did.  It was actually quite good, and I would estimate that they served about 100 dinners.  I found that this company had an excellent reputation, and does high quality work at reasonable prices.  Good to know, if w need some repairs…

Friday, we will move on to Harlingen, the real “south Texas”.  Later….

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