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Closing 2009

As we close out the old year, mother nature made it a time to remember.  A blizzard dropped 3″ of snow on Dallas, which really doesn’t know what to do with this.  Traffic accidents, delays, and cancelled events ruled the day.  On the other hand, it also presented some scenery we aren’t used to. It was pretty!

A snowy sunrise

On the other hand, it also made for some difficulties.  We were supposed to drive to Hemphill today for a family Christmas get together.  We were unable to leave.  One reason, the snow and ice on our motor home awnings over the slides prevented us from pulling in the slides.  No way we can drive with them out!  And even if we were to try, our campsite is in a bit of a valley and the road out had a steep hill with several turns.   Several inches of ice pretty well prevented us from even trying to get out.  Oh well, there’s always tomorrow….

An icy road out

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  1. Jingle
    December 27, 2009 at 6:52 am

    How are you?

    welcome blogging!

    I used to live in Texas, hope that you stay cozy and safe.
    Happy Holidays.


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